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The first 4 issues in this new magazine - Money, Magic, Misfits & Miscellaneous - explore the shadow economy of San Francisco's Mission neighborhood, unearthing a motherlode of 24-carat human stories and second-hand treasures mined straight from the streets.
Issue 001 - Money: Haircuts, Beer Cans & Rockstar Bartering explores the world of street recycling, retailing and other more exotic forms of earning a dollar in a shadow economy.

Mission Gold hopes to inspire the public to open their eyes wider to what's unfolding on the streets around them wherever they live; to notice the small details and overlooked people; to reconsider what we classify as trash and treasure; and most importantly, to realize that curiosity and compassion are the currencies that ultimately count most.
300 copies of each issue will be donated and distributed through the Coalition on Homelessness’ ‘Street Sheet’ - the newspaper sold by homeless vendors who keep 100% of the profits. The entrepreneurial spirit of the Street Sheet vendors makes them the perfect salespeople for Mission Gold - a publication showcasing innovation born of necessity.
Nick Marzano (seen below) is the chief dumpster diver, shaman whisperer, shadow economist, writer, photographer and founder of Mission Gold. He spent two years wandering the streets of the Mission - photographing, interviewing and collecting the raw material found in Mission Gold.
To the connect with Nick and the Mission Gold team:
email: info@mission.gold
Instagram: @mission.gold