San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood sits at the epicenter of a 21st-century tech gold rush. But in the shadows of Silicon Valley, a different class of entrepreneurs, artists and free-thinkers struggles to survive and thrive on the streets. Mission Gold is an editorial dumpster dive into this world of alternative value.

The first 3 issues in the series — MONEY, MAGIC and MISFITS — come together as a 24-karat motherlode mined straight from the street.

Mission Gold was created in the hope of inspiring people to pay attention to what's unfolding on the streets around them, to shine a light on the lives of those too often overlooked, and to reconsider what is classified as trash and what is valued as treasure.

Most importantly, Mission Gold wants people to realize that curiosity and compassion are the currencies that count most. 


Nick Marzano is the photographer, writer, and founder of Mission Gold. Originally from Australia, Nick moved to San Francisco five years ago to work in tech and has been documenting street life in his neighborhood both ever since. He believes the street is the ultimate stage to witness humanity, and an infinitely layered wonder to explore.


Issue 002 - MAGIC: Mayan Talismans, Tropical Storms & Alien Archaeology is available for online purchase here through San Francisco Street Sheet vendors and in-store at Needles & Pens bookshop 1773 Valencia Street. 
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