ISSUE 002 - MAGIC: Tropical Storms, Talismans & Alien Archaeology

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Issue 002: MAGIC moves on from San Francisco's shadow economy of cans, bottles and second-hand sex toys to showcase an incredible inventory of the imagination. Ever suspected the Bay Area was once populated by a race of 9-foot-tall insectoid beings? We’ve literally got the extraterrestrial  evidence set in stone. Want to glimpse a supernatural volume of occult artwork that would make H.R. Geiger roll in his grave? There’s a gallery on pages 8-11. Wondering how the mathematics of tropical storms can be applied to predict Wall Street volatility? We’ve crunched the numbers. Mix in time-travelling radios, mystical tortoise shells, shamanic verses, cosmic comedy and 24-karat shopping carts, and you’ve got Issue 002’s moonshine of fact, fiction and the fantastic. As Charles Baudelaire, flaneur, poet and pioneer of street wanderlust once said, “Get drunk! Stay drunk! On wine, virtue, poetry, whatever!"

Cheers and enjoy.